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What Do You Think about the Two Major Cultural Trends?

Whenever I come across articles which reflect how worldview is being expressed in the culture, I often print them out so I can use them as sources for articles and blogs. As I had collected several, [...]

Radio Podcast 1-24 – Atheism

Freddy Davis and Tal Davis discuss Atheism and how it compares to a Christian worldview of reality. Download the MP3 [...]

Its Killing Me That I Can’t Relate to My Atheist Kid Anymore

It’s hard enough being a parent with just the normal, everyday things one has to deal with. We worry about who our kid’s friends are. We worry about them getting into alcohol or drugs. We worry [...]

I’m Really Ticked Off

I have waited a few days before making any comment about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The raw emotion I feel as I deal with this tragedy at an individual level has been powerful, [...]

The Secularization of Religious Holidays

Freddy Davis shares how Christian holidays in America have been co-opted to turn them into something which does not reflect their actual purpose. [...]

Radio Podcast 1-23 – Astrology

Freddy Davis and Tal Davis discuss the basic beliefs of Astrology and how it compares to the evangelical Christian point of view. Download the MP3 [...]

Arguing with Atheists: What Is it Really Like?

Most Christians don’t interact a lot with people who are Atheists, at least not in a social setting. This is not unusual because, for the most part, people interact with others who share common interests. Those [...]

The Latest from Cottondale

What? You are not familiar with Cottondale? It is a small town of less than 1000 people in Jackson County, Florida. And what is the big deal about Cottondale? Well, Cottondale Elementary School just made the [...]

“The Life of Pi”- Take Your Kids, but Don’t Just Leave it There!

My wife and I just got home from seeing Ang Lee’s incredible new film “The Life of Pi.” I encourage you to see it and take your older children and teens (about age 10 and up [...]

The Atheist Religion

Freddy Davis shares how Atheism falls into the category of being a religious belief. [...]