Blog Tal — 07 November 2012

The elections are finally over! And, whether or not your favorite candidates won, like me, on one level you are probably relieved it is all over.  For the past year it seems all we heard about was how good one guy was and, more often, how bad the other guy was. 

Nonetheless, we all are wondering what the future will hold. I think it is fair to say that the national vote indicated that we will continue to see the consequences of the naturalistic/ secular worldview that now characterizes the population of America.  Christian values will be further marginalized in the public square. Abortion will remain legal, but not safe, and not rare. Homosexuality and gay marriage will be legal and considered normal and acceptable. Perhaps the most significant consequence of the Presidential election is that the views of new justices nominated to U.S. Supreme Court will reflect the decline of the theistic Judeo-Christian worldview.

All we can do is pray for our nation and its leaders that God will bring the kind of spiritual revival we need to stem the secular tide that now engulfs us.  Otherwise, no matter who won, the future does not look good.

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