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Rev. Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder, president, and living messiah of the Korean based Unification Church (UC) died today (Sept. 3rd). The 92 year old cult leader has been in declining health for some time so his death really comes as no surprise.  Several years ago Moon and his organization began the process of succession putting his youngest son, Hyung-jin Moon, in the top position of religious director.  The younger Moon’s power and status, however, is not comparable to that of his father. Moon has nine other living children.  Several of his children have died including two sons, one in an accident and the other by suicide. You can find a complete analysis on Rev. Moon and the Unification Church on our website at: .

The question now of course is what does the future hold for Moon’s movement?  I suggest several possible scenarios.  One is that there will be a splintering of the movement with various factions following different ones of Moon’s surviving sons.  Rumors are that there has been in-fighting among his children and would not surprise me to see a split.

A second possible outcome is that the UC will slowly revise its bizarre doctrines. It may seek a place among the world’s mainstream religions, much like the way the Mormons have tried to do over the past couple of decades. It could even renounce Moon’s unorthodox teachings and adopt Christian orthodoxy. However, I think that is unlikely.

And a third possible consequence is that the movement’s new leader, Hyung-jin Moon, could consolidate his power within the church and establish himself as the sole controller of the UC. Whatever may transpire we will keep our pulse on the situation. The UC remains an unbiblical and heretical cult that stills lead people astray.

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