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Ahmadinejad Says It Again: “The End is Near!”

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done it again. He has warned the world that an Islamic Messiah is coming. On September 26 he again stood at the podium of the United Nations in New York to tell [...]

The Mormon “Twelve Step Program” to Exaltation: Part 1

Steps 1-6 All the current talk in the media about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/ Mormons) has made a lot of Christians, some for the first time, ask, “Just what do the [...]

Radio Podcast 1-18 – Unification Church

Tal Davis discusses with Freddy Davis the basic background and beliefs of the Unification Church and how that compares with the Christian worldview. Download the MP3 [...]

Can Incest be Normalized in America?

Just recently, Hollywood director Nick Cassevetes, in a media interview, came out in favor of incest. He did this in promoting his new film that features an incestuous relationship between a brother and sister. His rationale? [...]

Why is it Possible to Know Anything at All?

Freddy Davis continues his series on the worldview questions by sharing how the various worldviews deal with the topic of knowledge. [...]

Radio Podcast 1-17 – Far Eastern Thought

Freddy Davis and Tal Davis discuss the worldview perspective of Far Eastern Thought. Download the MP3 [...]

Is Marriage Done?

Marriage is under attack in America from numerous directions. The most visible at this time is the attempt by homosexual activists to actually change the definition. But marriage is being denigrated from other fronts as well. [...]

Life is Even More Complex Than We Thought!

A few years ago my college alma-mater conducted a public conference extolling what the organizers saw as the scientific certainty of Darwinian Evolution (DE) and the foolishness of creationism.  When I found out about the symposium I wrote an email letter to the [...]

What Happens to a Person at Death?

Freddy Davis continues his series concerning the 7 worldview questions. This video shares how the various worldviews answer the worldview question: What happens to a person at death?. [...]

The Sun Finally Sets on Rev. Moon

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder, president, and living messiah of the Korean based Unification Church (UC) died today (Sept. 3rd). The 92 year old cult leader has been in declining health for some time so his death really [...]