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Radio Podcast 1-16 – Oneness Pentecostalism

Tal Davis shares the basic concepts related to Oneness Pentecostalism and how it relates to the Christian faith. Download the MP3 [...]

Separation of Atheist Church and State

Lately, the attack on Christians by Atheists has significantly picked up speed. In fact, people claiming “no religious affiliation” are now the fastest growing religious category in America. Almost every week, now, we are reading how [...]

The “Second Coming Christ” Controversy

I have read with interest the recent controversy that has brewed between Christianity Today (CT) online magazine and the Christian Post (CP) online newspaper.  The conflict has developed over allegations that a prominent Korean church is secretly [...]

What is a Human Being?

Freddy Davis continues his series explaining the seven worldview questions. This video deals with the question: What is a Human Being? [...]

Radio Podcast 1-15 – Animism

Download the MP3 [...]

Struggling with the Christian’s Voting Dilemma

How can a faithful Christian, in good conscience, vote for a person who is not a biblical Christian? That seems to be the dilemma we face in this year’s presidential campaign. Just so you know, I, [...]

What is the Nature of Material Reality?

Freddy Davis discusses the second major worldview question – What is the nature of material reality – and shares how each of the four major worldviews deals with this topic. He then contrasts this with the [...]

A New World Record!

Yesterday, August 1, 2012, a new world record was set.  At the London Olympics? Well, maybe so, but that’s not what I am referring to. Yesterday was the largest single record day of sales for one of [...]