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… so asserts the website of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Coalition of Reason – a group of local organizations joined together to increase the growth, visibility and acceptance of all atheists throughout the region. Their purpose is “to help those who have grown beyond religious belief to find their philosophical home” and to “seek to increase our influence in the marketplace of ideas and to take our rightful place at the table of acceptance and equal rights.” Together with the Freedom from Religion Foundation (an atheist group located in Madison, Wisconsin) they have recently put up a billboard along I-30 in Texas which says, “Quit the Church: Put Women’s Rights over Bishop’s Rights.”

I’m not sure they will ever get it, but their attempt to separate people from their religion is a truly hopeless cause. The reason it is a hopeless cause is not because their efforts to get people to quit attending church will fail. In fact, it is very possible that some of their efforts in this regard might actually work. But even if people leave the church, they will not be leaving religion. They can’t! In fact, the people who put up the billboard are themselves promoting their own religion. That’s right, Atheism is a religious position based on faith. They can no more scientifically prove God does not exist than the Christian can prove he does. The best they can hope for is to get people to leave one religion in order to join theirs.

For me it is fascinating to interact with Atheists because they really do believe that their position is based on science rather than faith. But the truth is, there is no science to support Atheism. There is no way they can win this argument with a Christian who knows how to answer their taunts.

As Christians, we need to understand that fact. We also need to be able to understand our own faith and the evidence that supports it. The knowledge base which underlies this confidence is worldview. The MarketFaith Ministries website ( has many resources, mostly free, which can help you master this worldview understanding. With it, your confidence in the truth of the Christian faith can be very strong.

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