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The SBC, Racism, and Mormonism

  Last week a resolution was submitted at the annual meeting of  the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) concerning racist statements in Mormon scriptures.  The resolution was not presented by the SBC resolutions committee to the convention for vote.  I [...]

More Secular Religion in America

Is it okay for a police department to have chaplains? Well, in Charlotte, North Carolina it seems that it is alright as long as they aren’t Christians. For years, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has had a [...]

What are the Essentials of a Worldview?

Freddy Davis shares the essential elements that go into a worldview belief system.   [...]

Secular Religion in America

There is a great misconception among many Americans that it is possible to make public institutions religion free. The efforts to create these “religion free zones” is well documented. One of the more recent cases involves [...]

Unmasking the Word-Faith Movement – Part 2

In the previous installment we examined the history and major players of the popular modern spiritual movement known as Word-Faith. We mentioned that it is also known by other nomenclatures including the “Word of Faith”, the [...]

The Mormon Saga

Given we are now in what my friend Ed Stetzer calls the “Mormon Moment,” many people want to know just what Mormonism teaches. They often want to understand the “Grand Narrative” or “Big Picture,” if you [...]

Will ‘Prometheus’ Make You Question Your Faith?

This is the headline of a news clip about a new movie which is about to be released. The premise of the movie, it seems, is that in 2093 a space expedition heads out into the [...]

Comics Are Not So Comic Anymore

You’ve got to be kidding, right? Sagging sales are prompting the comic book companies to explore new ways to sell their books. But turning Green Lantern into an openly homosexual man …? Is there really that [...]