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I read an article the other day coming out of Australia. It was based on a research paper written by Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars of the Victoria Management School in Wellington, New Zealand. And the premise of the paper…? They predicted that by 2050, brothels will be using robot prostitutes. The idea behind this is that by that time robots will be so realistic that they will be able to take the place of humans. The researchers tout this as a good thing because brothel owners can guarantee no sexually transmitted diseases and it will be a “guilt-free” experience since men could claim to their spouses that they “actually haven’t had sex with a real person.”

All I can say is, this whole idea is just sick. I fully realize that sick things have been going on in the world from the beginning. But now this kind of thinking is so mainstream. Just the other night, the ABC television program 20/20 did a whole show on what Christians would call deviant sex as they: 1) interviewed the author of a best selling book about deviant sex, 2) profiled families (including their children) living in “open marriages,” 3) interviewed women who hire “escorts” for their sex life, and 4) talked with a TV host who interviews celebrities about their sex lives. These days, there is literally no immoral activity which is looked down upon by society in general, or even called immoral.

I don’t know about you, but I find the worldview beliefs which dominate modern pop culture to be totally repulsive. I really do believe that God exists and that he has shared with mankind the means by which we can not only know eternal life, but the way to know true meaning and fulfillment in this life. And the focus of that is not a list of dos and don’ts. Rather, it rests in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is just that a person who has an authentic relationship with Christ does not find the immoral lifestyle described above to be in the least bit fulfilling.

It is one thing to rail against the blatant and rampant immorality we see in modern pop culture. It is another thing to actually do something about it. There are many arenas where we can be active against immorality in society – political, economic, and social. But there is really only one way to actually create change, and that is by being proactive in sharing our faith with people who don’t know Christ. People only change when God changes their lives, and he set it up so that believers are to be the ones to carry the message.

Unfortunately, there are too few Christians who even know how to do it. That actually ought to be job one for every believer. Until we, in mass, pick up the mantle, things will only continue to get worse.

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