Blog Freddy — 02 April 2012

Over the last several years, militant Atheist groups have been resolutely attacking any vestige of what they think is religion in the public square – especially if that religion is Christianity. Why, just recently the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a House resolution declaring 2012 the year of the Bible. And, you guessed it, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation immediately filed a lawsuit in federal court saying the resolution amounts to an official government endorsement of religion.

But now, Atheists are not only attacking Christianity, they are actively working to promote their own beliefs. Consider this recent event.

Rock Beyond Belief was a rock concert recently held on the Fort Bragg military base. It seems that a Christian rock concert was held last year and atheist groups tried to stop it. When they couldn’t stop it, they decided to hold their own. Their concert was complete with carnival booths, atheist bands and Richard Dawkins giving a speech about why Atheism is true and other religions are not. The stated purpose of this event was to “send a message” that Atheists are out there fighting for your rights.

Besides being sad to me that our nation has plummeted this far, it is interesting to see how a particular religious group (Atheists) are working to promote their own religious beliefs. They sincerely believe that they have no religion and that by eliminating traditional religious beliefs from the public square, they are eliminating religion. The fact is, they are merely trying to replace one form of religion with their own version. There is no actual science behind Atheism. Their beliefs are based purely on faith assumptions.

As Christians, we have two choices. We can simply acquiesce to the Atheist religion, or we can learn how to counter their arguments. Doing nothing is acquiescence. What steps are you taking to get yourself up to speed with your ability to share the truth about Jesus Christ?

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  1. Atheism is not a religion, it is a belief. Also, your arguments are not valid as they are based on false information. As Christians we should accept that we require more faith than them. Science is on their side and not ours.