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The Stony Brook Syndrome

Stony Brook University in New York has decided that it will no longer use Jewish and Christian holy days as days off for the university. This primarily impacts Jewish students who will not be allowed off [...]

Radio Podcast 1-8 Scientology

  Download the MP3 [...]

The Unblessing

Sometime last year, a coalition of Christian groups in Polk County, Florida got together and called themselves Polk Under Prayer (PUP). They decided to bless the Pasco-Polk county line along Highway 98, so they gathered and [...]

Worldview and Politics

Freddy Davis shares how the different worldviews deal with the topic of politics.   [...]

Is There Really Change in America?

What are the battles that are being fought now in America’s culture war? ∙    Abortion ∙    Homosexual marriage ∙    Contraceptive mandate ∙    Health insurance mandate ∙    The Integrity of public officials ∙    The nature of freedom [...]

The Media’s Double Standard on Religion

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is an organization with the dubious goal of ridding the public square of all vestiges of religious influence, especially Christianity.  Recently that organization bought a full page advertisement in the New [...]

Animal Rights, Abortion and the Apocalypse Revisited

Well, I kind of feel like I have made the big time. It appears that David Brensilver of The Daily Maul has tried to maul me. Basically, it is a blog post blasting me personally for [...]

So, Let’s Just Kill the Babies!

If you ever wondered about the ultimate end of a Naturalistic worldview, wonder no more. First, let me say up front that most people who claim to be Naturalists would never advocate what I am about [...]