Blog Freddy — 14 February 2012

… as if President Obama compromised in the first place.

Last week, President Obama decreed that, based on the Obamacare law, he had the right to implement rules which would force the Roman Catholic Church to pay for contraception and abortions of employees of catholic institutions; contrary to their long held doctrinal beliefs. When the outcry became strong enough, he “compromised” and changed the decree so that instead of religious organizations having to pay for these services directly, insurance companies would have to pay for them. So now, instead of just the religious institutions having to pay for these services, everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, has to pay via insurance premiums.

As much as I personally disagree with this policy, there is another matter that is even more scarey. By forcing these rules on the American people, the president is attempting to shift the very worldview foundation that this country was founded upon. Instead of operating from a Judeo-Christian worldview foundation which values individual rights and freedom of conscience, he is attempting to shift us to a worldview based on Naturalism where the decrees of the government (the beliefs of those in positions of power) hold precedence.

The problem with this is not so much the stated goal of the president (to provide affordable healthcare to everyone). I believe that pretty much everyone agrees with the goal. The problem has to do with the policies created to implement the goal. Rather than developing a method which facilitates individuals and incentivizes companies to hold down prices, this administration wants to force individuals and companies to bow to its will using government decrees.

In this case, Obama wants to be the one to define for everyone what “affordable healthcare” means. To him, that includes free access to contraception and abortion. The only problem is, it is not free. We all pay for it either though higher insurance premiums or taxes. In the process, everyone, even those who find this morally offensive, are forced to support it by paying for it.

Our current governmental system is designed to facilitate individual freedom. If the president gets his way, this freedom will be taken away and replaced by a system in which government bureaucrats can dictate every part of our lives – including what we must believe regarding our religious faith.

Regardless of one’s view on the particular issues of abortion and contraception, we cannot allow the government to create a system where people are forced to do things they are morally opposed to. If it can be done in this instance, there is no limit to other issues this can be applied to. This is one matter that every Christian ought to be willing to go to the mat on and fight until the entire approach is abandoned.

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