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Worldview and Sociology

Freddy Davis shares how the various worldviews look at the topic of sociology. [...]

Those Gullible Christians?

Evangelical Christians are naïve, unintelligent, easily led, irrational, anti-scientific, and intolerant, right? If you read some comments on the secular blogs and articles in the mass media you would sure think so. But does that perception [...]

Normalized Adultery

In a recent edition of World Magazine, there was an article by one of their correspondents, Mark Bergin, about adultery among professional basketball players. With the news of Michael Jordan’s recent proposal to his longtime girlfriend [...]

Worldview and Psychology

Freddy Davis explains the difference in how the various worldviews deal with the topic of psychology. Christian worldview. [...]

Dr. Phil? Are You Kidding?

On January 10, Dr. Phil did something that literally shocked me. He did a show with some well known psychic mediums and even allowed them to give readings to himself and to audience members. In the [...]

Worldview and Biology

Freddy Davis shares how the various worldviews deal with the topic of biology. [...]

God and Man at Yale + 62

One of my favorite conservative commentators of all time was the late William F. Buckley, Jr.  I used to love his weekly interview show called “The Firing Line'” that ran on PBS from 1966 to 1999.  He [...]

Christian Haters of New York

Did you hear about the recent court ruling which allows the New York public school system to ban churches from using public school buildings on weekends? It is a done deed. So now, 60 churches must [...]

What Should a Christian Know?

Have you ever been frustrated with the level of your Christian faith? You want to be more committed and active in living out and sharing your faith, but somehow just don’t seem to be able to [...]