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In early 1965 the CBS network and Coca-Cola asked Charles Schultz if he would be willing to write a script for an animated Christmas special of the Peanuts comic strip.  At that time the Peanuts characters had never before been brought to life in animation, so Schultz excitedly answered, “Yes”.  However, soon afterward the network and the artist bumped-heads when Schultz included in his script a reading of the Gospel of Luke’s account of the birth of Christ. The network was concerned, even that far back, that non-Christians would object to their injecting religion into the story.  Schultz, however, simply told them that if they would not include the Bible story he would not allow production of the show. The network and sponsor relented and later that year broadcast what has become the most honored Christmas TV special of all time: A Charlie Brown Christmas.  The highlight, of course, is when Linus tells the Christmas story then says ” And that’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown!”

Charles Schultz was so right, how can you have Christmas without Christ? Today, few, if any, Christmas TV specials or songs include any references to the story of Christ’s birth. In any case, let’s all celebrate the day with Christ at the center where He belongs!          Merry Christmas.


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