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Why Can’t Congress Compromise?

I was listening to a radio show this morning and the host was talking about all of the trouble going on in the country these days. The gripe of many is that no one seems to [...]

Come on Nancy – “Conscience thing?”

Based on a Naturalistic worldview, the final authority is the one(s) in a position of power able to assert authority. In many cases, that is simply the individual who decides for him or herself what they [...]

Occupy the Christian Faith

The longer this Occupy Wall Street thing goes on, the more bizarre it seems to get. It is hard to figure out fully what these folks want because every person interviewed seems to have a different [...]

Political Goals vs. Political Motivations

Leeann Tweeden is the former host of a Fox Sports Network show, but she also talks politics with the likes of Sean Hannety. Her latest gig? Posing nude for Playboy. According to Leeann, “I’m secure in [...]

Christian Bashing in America

Court: Nurses Don’t Have to Do Abortions, for Now. City Sued over Permit Policy. Shot down: Operation Christmas Child. These are three headlines that I read just today. While they may seem to be totally unrelated, [...]