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Evolutionists believe that given enough time, the random actions of matter was able to produce the universe as we know it today. To make this idea a little more tangible, someone came up with the analogy that if enough monkeys were given an infinite amount of time tapping away on a typewriter, one of them would eventually be able to produce the works of Shakespeare.

So, Jesse Anderson set out to prove this theory right. What he did was write a computer program so simulate millions of monkeys typing. Basically what he did was produce a program to spit out totally random strings of keystrokes and just let it run. He began this on August 21.

Well, it is finished and he has produced the entire works of Shakespeare. So, has he proved evolution? What a joke! As always, the devil is in the details.

What he did was to set up his experiment to spit out data in 9 character bits. These segments would then be compared to the works of Shakespeare. Every time the computer found a segment that corresponded to something in Shakespeare, it would take it out and count it as being a part of the work. This is a far cry from one of his virtual monkeys being able to produce a work of Shakespeare from start to finish. In fact, he estimated that to do that would take much longer then the age of the universe.

Actually, someone once gave a typewriter to a group of monkeys to see what they would do. They ended up with five pages consisting mostly of the letter S before the monkeys began attacking it with a stone, then proceeded to urinate and defecate on it. So much for real life.

In the end, it all comes back to this. The theory of evolution is a theory because it is based on Naturalistic presuppositions which cannot be demonstrated empirically. It is what Naturalistic believers have to propose because their faith will not allow for other possibilities.

The truth is, our Christian faith has much better evidence to support it than any belief system based on any other worldview. We can have great confidence that our Christian faith does represent the truth about reality.

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